About ARB Organic Farm

ARB Organic Farm an Integrated Farm

Organic Farming: Organic farming refers to a holistic and sustainable approach to agricultural production that focuses on natural processes, biodiversity, and soil health. It eschews the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and genetically modified organisms, relying instead on traditional farming techniques, crop rotation, composting, and natural pest control. Organic farming fosters the long-term health of the ecosystem, preserves biodiversity, and produces healthy, chemical-free food.

It was established in the year 2005. Fenced with Teak and Coconut trees. From 2013, Anuradha Balaji entered into this organic farming.

Rice Varieties:- Karuppu kavuni, Mappillai Samba, Raththasali, Karunkuruvai etc ...

More About ARB Farm...

It is an integrated farm. With traditional rice varieties growing organic fields, ghoshala, fish pond, Amla, Guava, mango and many herbal plants grown for a sustainable farming. All organic cultivation methods used with panchagavya as manure.

Anuradha Balaji started with planting greens and herbals. Also started with tuber vegetables. Understood the farmer’s plight of disposing the hardworked farming labour.

The commission agent at wholesale market decides the price of the produce based on that day’s inflow, and not fixing the price based on the work gone behind it. Anuradha Balaji has taken this into account and started distributing the produce to her ever-growing list of customers, who wants fresh from the field vegetables. She also uses a portion of her produce to prepare her own products.

Fresh Vegetables: - Plantain, Ladies finger, Brinjal, Cluster Beans etc...

Trees :- Mango, Lemon, Coconut, Guava, Amla, Tamarind, Moringa etc ...

Special place for herbal plants

With all the above there is special place for many herbal plants such as Lakshmitaru, Barbiflore, Tulsi, Hibiscus are grown very passionately by Anuradha Balaji. Many herbals used in Amla Amudha Banam and Usir drinks, were self sustainably used from the farm grown.

ARB farm is a self sustained organic farm , developed from the painstakingly grown and hard labour of Anuradha Balaji and her passionate family. It is celebrating its 18th year and moving organically to the future. It’s providing lively hood for many individuals and families who are associated with the farm

Vathsalya ghoshala

Organic farming and the preservation of Indian native cow breeds have gained significant attention in recent years due to their positive impact on sustainable agriculture, environmental conservation, and cultural heritage. Ghoshalas, or cow shelters, play a vital role in protecting and nurturing these indigenous cow breeds while promoting organic farming practices. This write-up explores the interconnection between organic farming and Ghoshalas in safeguarding Indian native cow breeds and their manifold benefits.

Indian Native Cow Breeds: India boasts a rich heritage of native cow breeds that have evolved over centuries to adapt to local climatic conditions and agricultural practices. These breeds, such as Chengalpattu Kuttai and other native breeds possess several unique characteristics, including disease resistance, heat tolerance, and the ability to thrive on natural grazing and organic feed. Moreover, they have cultural and religious significance in Indian society, symbolizing prosperity, fertility, and nourishment.

Ghoshalas are traditional cow shelters that provide a safe haven for Indian native cow breeds. They offer protection, care, and support to cows that are abandoned, injured, or in need of nurturing. Ghoshalas serve as repositories of knowledge about indigenous cow breeds and act as centers for conservation and research. They also promote the ethical treatment of animals and raise awareness about the importance of preserving these native breeds.

With saving of native breed and protecting our country’s special breeds from going extinct, ghoshala is the shelter for many special and rare breeds of Cows. The products from cows such as Cow urine, cow dung, Milk, Curd, Ghee are first used for creating Panchagavya used for preparing special medicines. The products are sold to public on a request basis for self sustaining.

Organic Farming and Ghoshalas !

Synergy between Organic Farming and Ghoshalas: a. Natural Fertilizer: Cow dung and urine are valuable by-products of Ghoshalas, rich in nutrients that serve as excellent organic fertilizers. These natural fertilizers enhance soil fertility, improve microbial activity, and increase crop yields in organic farms. Jeevamrutha karaisal prepared with the cow dung of native breeds is widely used natural fertilizer.

Composting: Cow dung, when combined with agricultural waste, can be converted into nutrient-rich compost through composting. This organic compost nourishes the soil, reduces the dependence on chemical fertilizers, and enhances soil structure and water retention. Vermicompost is also prepared and used in our farming.

The integration of organic farming practices with Ghoshalas offers a holistic approach to agriculture that prioritizes environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and cultural heritage. By protecting Indian native cow breeds and promoting organic farming techniques, we can ensure the conservation of valuable genetic resources, enhance food security, and contribute to the overall well-being of society.

Looking out for more sponsors for cows, to extend the cow shelter and get them a safe and happy place for their comfortable living.

Amla Amudha Bhanam – 2AB

A natural juice mixture with the goodness of Amla (gooseberry), Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Dry grapes (raisin), powdered raw jaggery(harmful white sugar NOT added) and herbals like trikadukam (sukku, milgu,tippili). This mixture is loaded with Anti oxidents and Vitamin C

Mix it with 3 to 4 parts of water- take it 30 minutes before or after food. You can add mint leaves or drops of lemon juice to enhance the taste of the mixture.

Note: Shake the bottle well before consumption:

Dosage : 10 – 30 ml


  • Boosts immunity
  • Helps against Insomnia
  • Gives Strength to diabetic patients
  • Overall body rejuvenator
  • Prevents Anemic
USIR ( Non Carbonated ready to Drink)

A natural Juice mixture of Amla Amudha Bhanam with real pine apple fruit juice (not flavor or essence). Non carbonated , no fizz! only real juice !

A thirst quenching drink for not only summer. Anytime, anywhere a healthy and natural way. Enriched with Vitamins A,B & C

Comes in various flavours

  • Amudha Bhanam with Pine apple
  • Amudha Bhanam with Lemon
  • Amudha Bhanam with Ginger
  • Amudha Bhanam with Peppermint
Amla Honey and Amla Candy

Amla honey is prepared with raw jaggery (No white sugar) and Honey

Amla candy is prepared by solar dried method which helps in retaining its complete nutrients

ARB Herbal Tooth Powder

This special tooth powder is made with our own farm grown Nayuruvi, Karuvelampattai, Nellimulli, Alum, Clove, Guava Leaves in a traditional way. This powder helps to keep our teeth white and strong.